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Recycling Services

Lamp And Ballast Recycling
Fluorescent Lamps contain mercury and Ballasts often contain PCBs. Both of these materials are controlled by the EPA and require proper management and disposal because they have been determined to be adverse to human health. Recycling will protect your company from future liability.







Lamps_____________________ Price_______ Ballasts___________________


Straight Fluorescent $0.08/ft Recycle/Incinerate(PCB) $0.59/lb
Utube/Compaq/Biax $0.41/ea Recycle/Landfill(Non-PCB) $0.46//lb
HID/Mercury/Metal Halide $1.34/ea    
Low/High Pressure Sodium $1.34/ea F96=7 lbs  
Coated or Scattersheild $1.39/ea F96HO=12 lbs  
Ultraviolet/Germicidal $3.50/ea HID=25 lbs  
Incadescent $0.69/ea F40=3.5 lbs  
Broken Lamps-DOT 55 Drum $350.00/ea    





Battery Recycling
Batteries contain cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals that are controlled by the EPA under RCRA 40C.F.R. Part 273. These waste batteries are also being banned from many municipal landfills. In short it is against the law to throw these materials in the trash.

Electronic Equipment Recycling
Federal and State laws now regulate the disposal of used or obsolete computers, televisions and other electronic equipment. To dispose of them improperly exposes a company to potential liability for the high cost of an environmental clean-up and associated litigation.

Computers - Laptops – Copiers - Servers – Monitors - Printers
Televisions Modems - Fax Machines - Circuit Boards -
Telex Machines – Keyboards

Price Per Pound $0.75/lb



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