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Guide for a Compliant Recycling Program

Step One: Mark and label all universal hazardous waste. This is the beginning of compliance. Use the terminal labels to identify the containers or packages of universal waste. This way an inspector can see that the waste is in the first stage of recycling and not being disposed to the trash.

The law states:

Label or mark universal wastes, or containers or packages of universal waste, to identify their types. The regulations provide several options for labeling. The purpose of labeling is to ensure that emergency response personnel or an inspector can identify the universal waste (§66273.14).


Step Two: Contact Terminal hardware for pick up. 213-624-4078. We will then come and pick up the containers and send an invoice back to you. The invoice is proof of compliance that the universal waste is going through the process of proper recycling. 

Step Three: When the universal waste is properly recycled we will receive certificates that prove the waste has been properly recycled by an licenced recycler. We will then send these certificates back to you to be put on file. You must keep records of all shipments and receipts of universal waste for three years (§66273.19).

Arrange for Pick Up

Print Labels

California Environmental Protection Agency Fact Sheet Regarding Universal Waste Management

Health and Safety Code Information Regarding Universal Waste Management


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